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Not your average men's chorale...

About Us  

Illumni Men's Chorale is one of Seattle's newest men's choral ensembles.  

Founded in November 2009, Illumni can be best described as a bunch of guys who just like to sing! Our membership is made up of everything from serious choral hobbyists to full-time, professional musicians. The group also includes several instrumentalists, teachers, and church musicians. Ages in the group range from 22 to 74, and we are open to all who wish to audition. 

Our unofficial motto is "Just Sing!" We believe that so many people get tied up in the technicalities of the art and administration that they forget to walk on stage and "Just Sing!" We strive to overcome this by having everything ready in advance—the concert logistics arranged, the music rehearsed to perfection, and our skills finely honed—so that when it comes to concert time, we can "Just Sing!"  

Engaging our audience is very important to us. We do this by performing innovative concerts and asking our audience to become a part of them. We constantly pursue new songs and arrangments and present some of the most beautiful classical music ever written. At the same time, we are never afraid to bust out a classical arrangement of some Britney Spears or sing like the "Chimpmunks" in the "Christmas Song" if it helps bring our audience along for the ride!

The men of Illumni are dedicated to our community and have consistently offered programs to help members of our community who may not otherwise be exposed to this type of music the chance to see our concerts. These programs have included free tickets for low income families and for members of our armed services and their families.

Where are the girls? We get asked this question a lot. Although Illumni is a men's choral ensemble, we have made a consistent effort to engage female artists for all our concerts, and we have yet to host a concert without one! Guests Artists have included: Soprano Jennifer Ceresa of Seattle Opera & the Seattle Choral Company, Cora Rueter Foster of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Harpist Tealah Hill of the Tacoma Symphony, Melanie Harris—our first Associate Conductor, and the award winning local LiveWire Quartet! We thank these talented ladies for being part of our shows.

Well, that's about it for "who we are." We'll leave some information below about what the group has done in the past couple of years. If you'd like to support Illumni and what we do, you can visit the Support link on the left hand side of our web page.  You can also support us by ordering a copy of our CD, "Lux Spiritu," also linked on the left. We love to hear from our fans, so please add us on Facebook or Twitter, and say hi!

Thank you,

The Men of Illumni 


The Illumni Music Foundation is a Washington nonprofit corporation that is currently applying for tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Illumni's members represent a wide swath of the Northwest, ranging from Poulsbo to Olympia, Seattle, Tacoma, Puyallup, Parkland and Bellingham.


Recent Accomplishments

  • Recording our first CD, "Lux Spiritu'.
  • Recording background tracks for the soundtrack of the movie, "Christmas with a Capital C"
  • Premiering no fewer than 13 new works & arrangements!
  • Recording background tracks for a soon to be released pop song.
  • Presenting a free concert, which raised money for the James D Holloway Music Scholarship Fund.
  • Performing at the NW Folklife Festival.
  • Auditioning for America's Got Talent.
  • Offering free concerts to low income families & members of our armed forces and their families.
  • Had a lot of fun singing. :) 



On Being Green

One of our many goals as an organization is to be as friendly to our environment as possible. We share all of our files electronically, and only print music and other items on an as-needed basis, so there is as little waste as possible. We primarily do our advertising through online resources and electronic means, to keep our actual printed advertisements and waste to the smallest size possible.


On Fiscal Responsibility

Illumni tries to make every dollar count. By using resources like the Choral Public Domain Library, we are able to produce much of our music without cost. We also have 6 members of the group who have composed, or are composing, new pieces for Illumni to perform. As mentioned above, we do as much of our advertising online as possible, so there is no needless waste. Our recordings are made at Seattle's Jack Straw Productions, a non-for-profit recording studio that offers excellent prices to its members. Illumni also strongly believes in collaboration with other artists. Often the things we can offer each other as artists are much more valuable than money.


On Community/Audience Outreach

No one will ever be turned away at the door of an Illumni concert, as long as there are still seats available. We believe audience members who are willing to support us with their presence and enjoy our music should be able to attend our concerts, regardless of their ability to pay. 

To make this possible, we greatly appreciate the support of our paying audience members and donors—we couldn't do it without you! Thank You!

What is an "Illumni"?

Illumni (pronunciation: Ih loom nee) is a combination of the words "Illuminate" and "Alumni." Illuminate, because we believe music really does bring a light into people's lives. Alumni represents the fact that many of us have known each other for up to 18 years and have performed in several ensembles together before finding a home here.    

Alumni also has the Latin root alere, meaning "to nourish." We believe we can all agree that music does much to enlighten and nourish our souls.