The Men of Illumni

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The Guys

Illumni's membership spans a wide spectrum of styles and experiences. From full-time, professional, degreed musician to serious hobbyists, our singers come from a wide variety of backgrounds.  The current age range of the group is from 19 to 65.  Every week we come together to share our voices in brotherhood.  

First Tenors

Tim Morrisey,  James Wyatt, Tyler Morse, Charlie Logan, Steve Thoreson, Cavin Parilla
Not pictured: Justin Ferris, Chris McCafferty

Second Tenors

Nick Pharris, Will Dean, Luke Swain, Ryan Davidson, James Foster, Steven Clark

Not pictured: Sean Haley


Row 1:  Bill Freeland, Philip Radtke, Brad Capatch, Brent Eller  Not Pictured: Tym Mackey.

Row 2: Ron Anderson, Jared Grimes, Scott Ramsey, Jimmy Hoard, Rene Marceau, Andy Newell


Basses: Joe Berthon, Tyson Jensen, Christian Jaeger, Micah Bisson, Scott Kovacs (conducting)

Not pictured: Dalton Shotwell, Greg Golliet, Jim Fellows 

Counter Tenors

Among our ranks are a number of gifted counter tenors (men who sing in women's ranges using 'falsetto'). These include:

Sopranos: Charlie Logan, Cavin Parilla, Tyler Morse

Soprano II: Chris McCafferty, Luke Swain, Brad Capatch

Alto: Tym Mackey, Tim Morrisey, Rene Marceau, Justin Ferris