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Support Illumni

Every year, Illumni Men's Chorale tries to perform as many free concerts as we can.  All of our concerts are done under a "pay as you can" model, meaning: no one is turned away at the door.

If you would like to help support our mission of spreading classical music, and letting people know it's still fun, please click on the link and support today.


Kickstarter - Christmas Should Be Free!

If you would like to directly support our "Christmas Should Be Free" fundraiser, please click here:

Where should I send my check?

If you'd like to make a donation by check, make the check out to Illumni Music Foundation and mail it to this address:

PO Box 20232
Seattle WA 98102

In what other ways can I help Illumni?

Copying Costs: 

We rely heavily on public domain music to keep costs down and help keep our concerts free. Unfortunately, this drives copying costs up. If you have time to donate on a copy machine or would be willing to sponsor the printing costs for one of our programs, please send us an email at


Anything you can do to help promote our shows is greatly appreciated. We try to keep all our performances free, or try to charge as little as possible. We don't want anyone turned away at the door! Anything you can do to help us fill any empty seats is greatly appreciated. If you have ideas or time to contact neighborhood groups, etc please let us know!

Who else is helping Illumni?

Illumni Men's Chorale would like to thank Pacific Lutheran University, Kent Lutheran Church, All Pilgrim's Christian Church, and Emmanuel Episocopal Church for their gracious donations of rehearsal and performance space. We're so grateful to all the volunteers, composers and others who have helped to make this dream happen. We are proud to be a part of your community!