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Audience World Premiere! - While Shepherds Watched, by Edwin Wendler commissioned by Illumni for our audience, 2012.

This year, Edwin Wendler has written a new Christmas Carol for YOU the audience to premiere! "While Shepherds Watched" was penned by Nahum Tate, and set to music by Edwin. Each member of the audience will receive a copy. Check out the learning parts below, and click on the music to the right to download a copy. Remember to make the videos full screen, and you can read along!

Soprano Part

While Shepherds Watched

By Edwin Wendler

Download the song by clicking on it here, and learn it with the videos to the left!


Alto Part

Edwin Wendler

Edwin Wendler is a respected composer of Hollywood soundtracks, and the Resident Composer for Illumni Men's Chorale. Each year he write us a different holiday piece, and this year, you get to premiere one! Edwin grew up in the Vienna Boys Choir, and was the child of two opera singers. Music has always been part of his life.  Please check out his web page for more:

Tenor Part

Bass Part


All Parts


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